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(918) 438-7322

(918) 437-3333

8:00am to 5:00pm CST
Mon - Fri.
Closed major US.holidays, contact by email only

If you have a Zephyrus unit in need of warranty repair, include a note listing details of the problem to expedite repairs. Include a contact name and number should we need more information. If there are special shipping instructions for the return of your equipment, please include that information also. Quick turnarounds on repairs is our specialty, let us know what you need.

Please Note! Calling for technical support before you return the equipment, will assure that we are aware of your problem, and can expedite the repair of your equipment, and may possibly avoid the need to return it at all. Many problems can be solved over the phone and avoid downtime on your end.

If you have a Zephyrus unit in need of non-warranty repair, notify our technical support to speed up processing of your equipment, then return the equipment to the address below. Include a description of the problem, your company name, address, and contact information. Please return the equipment in the original packaging if possible. If not, use proper padding to assure that your equipment arrives here in the best condition possible.

Zephyrus product manuals are now available on-line in .pdf format. Get them here.

We offer extensive phone support to all our customer. Many problems can be solved over the phone with our excellent technical support. Feel free to call us anytime during working hours.

Because of our excellent phone support, you may be asked to wait for a technician to get to your call. Please bear with us, as we welcome your call, and many problems can be solved with the appropriate technical advice. If you are pressed for time, wait for the operator to return, and leave a number where you can be reached. All calls will be returned as soon as possible.

Return all equipment in original packaging if possible. Appropriate packing is a must to avoid damage to your equipment during transit. Use a trackable service for your returns to avoid lost equipment.

Return Shipping Address
Warranty Service, Repairs, & Returns

Zephyrus Electronics, Ltd.
168 South 122nd East Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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