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The WX-14 EMWIN Data Receiver is Now Available!

Zephyrus Electronics, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been developing and manufacturing satellite and radio equipment since 1985 and have been working with the National Weather Service's EMWIN data stream service for the past 20 years.

Zephyrus designed and implemented the 9600 baud FSK "EMWIN I" modulators for the National Weather Service which, at that time, tripled their data transmission speed enabling them to transmit additional data such as satellite imagery information in addition to the standard weather alert data. Zephyrus also developed a corresponding series of satellite downlink receivers for that signal that have been used nationally and internationally since 1992.

With "EMWIN N" superceding "EMWIN I", it is only fitting that Zephyrus has developed the new WX-14 satellite receiver to receive the 19.2kb OQPSK signal and will continue to develop products surrounding EMWIN data reception.

Zephyrus is known throughout the industry for our service and commitment to our customers and our product performance and reliability has been counted on by our customers for many years. Zephyrus will continue to deliver superior product and service at a fair price. Our product is proudly Made In USA!

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