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  300 Series

Here's our 300 series price list

The Zephyrus 300 system is a family of devices to receive and process satellite audio and data signals. The modular design and low cost makes it possible to individualize a system to the customer's needs. Quality and reliability meet the most demanding requirement.

Product Line
304 Mainframe is a 1 3/4" tall enclosure for standard rack mounting. It supplies power for up to four standard width circuit cards.
331 (mono) & 332 (stereo) FM Modulators are crystal synthesized and are frequency programmable. The standard frequency range is 88.1-107.9 mHz in .2 mHz steps. Output levels are compatible with cable TV headends for retransmission of local audio signals or programs from our satellite demodulators.
381 (Three function) Tone Decoder detects the presence of 25 and 35 Hz tones in the demodulated audio stream and provides on-second (adjustable) contact closure to control local radio automation equipment for cut-aways and station breaks. The 381 operates on a single mono audio channel.
383 (Six or Fifteen function) Tone Decoder is similar to the 381 tone decoder, but operates on both channels of a stereo pair. By using both 25 and 35 Hz tones on each of the audio channels, multiple functions can be obtained. Relays are included on board so no other parts need to be ordered.
  383-15 Read out Display Settings Need Read Out Display settings for your 383-15 Tone Decoder?
389 Tone Encoder is used at the studio to generate tones for the 381/383 or compatible tone decoders to receive. One 389 is needed for each audio channel (two units required for a stereo pair).

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