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  What is EMWIN?

What is EMWIN?
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EMWIN is National Weather Service information that is constantly updated on a 24 hour basis.
The service is public information and is free.

The signal originates at the Weather Service Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. It is uplinked to GOES satellites from the transmission site in Wallops Island, Virginia. The signal is encoded and modulated for satellite broadcast.

The Weather Service designation for the data is "EMWIN", which stands for "Emergency Managers Weather Information Network ". The information is distributed as a signal that allows your personal computer to become a graphics, data, and alarm terminal. 

With appropriate "Windows" software, the information is displayed in both text and graphical form. It includes: Goes Satellite

  • Local, area, and regional forecasts
  • Hourly conditions of NWS reporting stations
  • Weather maps
  • National radar summaries
  • Weather satellite photographs
  • Severe weather warnings anywhere in the coverage area take priority over all other transmissions. The software provides visible and audible alarms when warnings are transmitted.

Tulsa based Zephyrus Electronics is the pioneer in development of low-cost satellite data broadcast equipment. Design and production of receiving equipment for the EMWIN signal is a natural application of that technology. The GOES satellites are received with the Zephyrus WX-14 system. Installation is normally done by the user and typically takes less than one hour to complete.

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